HR Consultation Services

Our HR experts lead these services with tailored practices meticulously crafted to tackle the unique context and challenges your organization encounters


HR strategy development

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Custom HR Framework:
Craft a tailored HR framework, including policies, procedures, and workflows, designed to align with your organization's unique objectives.

Compliance Excellence:
Ensure adherence to regulations and standards, implementing HR policies transparently and with integrity.

Optimized Work Environment:
Streamline HR operations across employee relations, recruitment, training, and development to foster an efficient and cohesive workplace.

Empowering Workforce:
Equip your employees with the tools and resources needed to perform their roles efficiently and effectively within the newly developed HR strategy

Performance management design

Talent Management

Efficient Implementation:
Transform your corporate strategy into quantitative and qualitative measures to track progress and implement corrective actions effectively.

Performance Tracking:
Create an integrated corporate and employee performance management model to define strategic objectives and key success criteria.

Comprehensive Analysis:
Analyze business and employee performance holistically, comparing results with plans and developing corrective measures.

Cultivate High-Performance Culture:
Embrace the opportunity to transform your organizational culture into one that values and achieves high-performance outcomes.

Saudization Services


Tailored Strategies:
Craft customized Saudization strategies that align seamlessly with your organization's goals, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition towards greater local workforce integration.

Sourcing and Recruitment:
Identify, recruit, and retain Saudi talent that not only meets the Saudization quotas but also contributes positively to your organization's growth.

Legal Compliance:
Navigate the intricate landscape of local regulations and laws related to Saudization with confidence, thanks to our deep understanding and extensive experience in the Saudi market.

Expert Guidance:
Benefit from our expertise as a trusted partner in achieving Saudization compliance and building a more inclusive, productive, and sustainable workforce.

Organizational Structure and Job Design Service


Strategic Alignment:
Create an organizational structure that aligns with your overall strategy, emphasizing hierarchical relationships and interdepartmental collaboration.

Functional Description:
Develop comprehensive functional descriptions for all organizational units, specifying their roles and responsibilities.

Task Distribution:
Efficiently distribute tasks among units, prioritizing alignment with organizational goals and optimizing resource utilization.

Clarity and Transparency:
Promote clarity in relationships, communication, decision-making, information flows, responsibilities, and positions throughout the organization.

Employer Branding Service

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Employer Value Proposition:
Develop a compelling employer value proposition (EVP) that resonates with potential talent.

Candidate Experience Enhancement:
Optimize the candidate experience through a user-friendly and informative career web page.

Employee Testimonials:
Highlight employee testimonials and success stories that exemplify your brand's appeal to potential candidates.

Career Web Page Design:
Design a captivating career web page that embodies your brand personality, showcasing your culture, opportunities, and EVP.

Talent Management

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Talent Development Strategies:
Develop tailored talent management strategies that align with your organizational goals and values.

Psychometric Assessments:
Utilize scientifically validated psychometric assessments to evaluate candidates' cognitive abilities, personality traits, and potential fit for specific roles.

Succession Planning:
Develop a succession plan to identify and groom future leaders within the organization.

Retention Strategies:
Implement retention strategies to keep top talent engaged and committed to the organization.

Employee Engagement:
Foster employee engagement through feedback mechanisms, recognition programs, and career development opportunities.


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