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About Jesr

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JESR is a socially responsible talent development solution that aims at bridging the employment-educational gap in the Arab world.
We are committed to bring the 17 years’ experience in the talent development industry all over the region, to empower Arab youth to realize their full potential and succeed in the global job market.

Jesr Journey


Discover the potential within your talent and chart their career path with holistic assessments, personalized coaching, and a tailored Personal Development Plan.

Jesr Talent Factory

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At our Talent Factory, we specialize in tailoring hiring solutions to your corporate needs.
We offer flexibility and customization, ensuring you acquire talent aligned with your objectives and industry standards. Join us to meet your unique hiring needs and boost ROI.

Your Return on Investment (ROI)

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1.You invest in the best

2.Corporate Loyalty

3.Talent evaluation outcomes

4.Reducing turnover & increasing retention

5.Increase employee satisfaction & Improve job performance


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